About us...



"La Casa del Gelso Bianco" is family managed by three members of the Santo Family: dad and two daughters. Originating from Otranto, we lived away for many years due to job purposes, but we have always had a deep love of our land and have been almost chained to our roots and our culture. The desire to return has remained constant over the years.


Dad’s retirement was a prerequisite to our return, but when our grandmother sadly passed away we decided to transform the family home, where she had lived for 35 years, into this B&B.Therefore we are new to this experience and eager to learn, and ... open to advice and tips!


Domenico (the father) is the best person to ask if you want to know the history and traditions of Salento He loves to be with people and is happy to share what he has ... either knowledge and cultural aspects…. or a home made digestif after your dinner ... or anything else.


Elena, the eldest daughter, pays great attention to food and the environment. She's the one who carefully chooses our suppliers for the breakfast items. Always smiling and cheerful, she is "the artist" of the Group and as many artists lives in "her" world and therefore sometimes may seem distracted and absorbed ... but in reality, she is.


Erika, the youngest, is the only one in the family who still hasn’t managed to complete the return home permanently and she is divided between Otranto and Milan. When in Otranto she lives in the B&B

She is a bit of a handyperson ... she is always available for any request, and excited about this new venture.

La Casa del Gelso Bianco is managed by:

Geko sas di Santo Elena ed Erika & c.  Via Vecchia Stazione 4,  73028 Otranto P.IVA 04458010750 REA: LE 293319